The Environmental Impact of Travel

I was recently on a flight from Rome, Italy to Detroit, Michigan when I started thinking about the environmental impact of travel. I think that it's pretty common knowledge that air travel is one of the worst ways to travel from a sustainability point of view. The best ways are obviously walking, horse riding, and … Continue reading The Environmental Impact of Travel


Flying to the USA as a Nomad

"Unfortunately you are unable to check in online at this time because there is a problem with your ticket.  Please see a gate agent to check in."  I get a message like this almost every time I fly internationally, especially when flying between the USA and Europe.  I'm a complicated passenger-I have dual citizenship, and … Continue reading Flying to the USA as a Nomad

Italo: Cheap High Speed Train from Turin to Milan, Italy

Italy has a national rail company, Trenitalia, but there are also some private rail companies, and they can provide exceptionally good value.  One of these is Italo, which is unique because it exclusively operates high-speed trains.  I have used this service to travel between Turin and Milan several times, and it is by far the … Continue reading Italo: Cheap High Speed Train from Turin to Milan, Italy